Without the Oxford comma

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oxford comma

Grammar. It’s important.

7 thoughtful comments on “Without the Oxford comma”

  1. Cliff Abrams says:

    Yes. You’re right (or is it “your”…?). In any case, the strippers… are fascinating.

  2. Miguel Perez says:

    If the strategy was to use a shocking and distinguished list of guests to portray a learning scenario on the Oxford comma, you have succeeded greatly.

    Love the nipple covers on Stalin too.

  3. Laura McCormac says:

    Love it! So true…

  4. Awesome. You could easily turn that into a series.

  5. Megan Norton says:

    That’s hilarious and very well stated. I’m sure anyone who sees this will not forget the Oxford comma ever again! Now a cartoon needs to be created to show the difference between the use of ‘I’ and ‘me’.

  6. Alec Rutgers says:

    Grammar is important. Unfortunately, the schools aren’t all doing what is necessary.

  7. Kenton Smith says:

    I’ve been re-learning grammar by helping my daughter with her homework. It is really important.

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