Windows logo design evolution

windows 8 logo

Over the years, the Microsoft Windows operating system family has had a few solid releases, and a few duds (I’m looking at you, Vista.)

With the recent release of Windows 8 comes a new logo design, and for me, a marked improvement over its predecessors.

windows 1.0 logo
Windows 1.0. 1985.

windows 3.1 logo
Windows 3.0. 1992

windows 95 98 2000 logo
Windows 95, 98 and 2000. 1995 and onwards.

windows vista logo
Windows Vista. 2006. (Bad, bad Microsoft.)

windows 7 logo
Windows 7. 2009. (Redemption!)

windows 8 logo
windows 8 logo
Windows 8.

While working on the latest design, Paula Scher from Pentagram, the design firm responsible for the latest design, asked a questions which says it all for me – Paula asked “Your name is Windows. Why are you a flag?”

I’m yet to use the latest version of the Windows, but as far as branding goes, the latest design works well for me. How about you?