Wonderful whiskey designs

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ryesenberg whiskey glass

As a graphic designer and a bit of a whiskey connoisseur, when visiting the bottle-shop for a treat I often find myself wandering around, browsing the logos, labels and packaging design in the whiskey section.

Collected here are a few of my favourite whiskey logos, labels and packaging. (No promises on the quality of the drink for all you whiskey fans out there.)

jack daniels bottles
Jack Daniels 70th and 75th anniversary editions.

alberta canadian rye whiskey
Alberta Premium Canadian Rye Whiskey.

jd double gold medal label design
jd double gold medal glasses
Jack Daniels double gold medal edition.

adirondack new york single malt whiskey
Adirondack New York single malt whiskey.

jack daniels whiskey dry ginger ale
jack daniels whiskey cola
Jack Daniels pre-mix whiskey & cola, and whiskey & dry.

jameson whiskey bottle
Jameson Limited Irish whiskey.

jd birthday edition
Jack Daniels birthday edition.

revolver whiskey
Revolver single malt whiskey.

mr jacks 160th birthday
Mr. Jacks 160th birthday edition. (Jack Daniels)

dark horse whiskey
Dark Horse Canadian whiskey.

jack daniels honey packaging
Jack Daniels Honey.

compass box whiskey co
Decadence, by the Compass Box Whiskey Co.

apple whiskey punch
Winter Jack Apple Whiskey Punch.

mortlach whiskey
Mortlach Whiskey.

jack daniels white rabbit
Jack Daniels White Rabbit.

nikka pure malt whiskey
Nikka pure malt whiskey.

royal stag whiskey
Royal Stag whiskey.

jack daniels sinatra box
jack daniels sinatra bottles
jack daniels sinatra labels
jack daniels sinatra packaging
Jack Daniels Sinatra Select.

knob creek rye whiskey
Knob Creek rye whiskey.

maiden voyage single malt whiskey
Maiden Voyage single malt whiskey.

ryesenberg whiskey label
ryesenberg whiskey logo
ryesenberg whiskey glass
Ryesenberg hand bottled whiskey.

Which packaging design would make you buy it?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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