50 web 2.0 logos compared

web 2.0 logo designs

The brightest of colours, 3D lighting, glossy finishes and a reflection or two are all signature traits of Web 2.0 logo designs. It’s been a few years since the Web 2.0 boom and while a few designs have lasted the years, many have not.

Below is a collection of globally recognized brand marks in both their 2.0 and traditional versions. Some of the web 2.0 logos are actively in use, some are beta only, some have come and gone or for will never be used.

I also quickly threw together a quick version of what my own logo design might look like in web 2.0 style, I’m not a fan… How do you think they compare to their traditional counterparts?

web 2.0 logo designs

web 2.0 logo designs

What do you think?

There are a few I don’t mind, the Cisco, IBM & BBC designs are all simple adaptations.

Most on the other hand like the Adidas, Mastercard and 3M designs really don’t do it for me. How about you?

17 thoughts on “50 web 2.0 logos compared”

  1. Carlo,
    They’re about the limit for me I think, no more detailed than those.

    Pink is one of the more popular colour choices for sure, at least the John Deere logo is relatively simple.

  2. I’m not sure about the adobe one… I think they should keep the red instead the orange gradient… My favourites are the BBC, Walmart and visa!

    About the the deer, it’s kinda complicated to me, because in Brazil, deer is how they usually call gay ppl, and using it pink, its like it pushes it more, you know? but i liked it anyway… the magenta looks great!

  3. André,
    There’s an interesting point in cultural differences to be sure, I don’t know if John Deere has a presence in Brazil but I doubt “gay” was an image they were going for.

  4. Tara,
    There’s a bit of a mix from what I’ve seen. Some are in use, and a few are concept only which I don’t think were put to use anywhere.

  5. Can anyone say ‘overuse of mirror effects’? Good to see so many companies seeing the error of their ways, I do like ‘fancy’ but when it comes to logos I think the simpler the better wouldn’t you think Andrew?

    I can’t imagine it’s easy to utilise one of the logos with a mirror effect on a darker background without a complete overhaul.

  6. I like Citi, Coca-Cola, ABC, and the Cisco logos.

    I really like the combination of blue and red for the Coca-Cola logo and the green and blue on the Citi logo. These days it’s hard to get away from reflection and top shine. If you can master it, you’re on a different level.

    I’ve always liked the BBC logo’s concept, very simple shapes and letters. Thanks for sharing, Andrew.

  7. I like the Krispy Kreme design. The blue and pink give it a nice retro feel, kind of a neon sign look. Fits the logo’s design pretty nicely.

  8. I think some logo colours should just never be messed with since it’s their trademark. Like Levi’s, UPS, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, John Deere (and what’s up with the pink and the little exclamation mark for the tail?)
    On the other hand I like the ABC, Motorolla, Cisco. I don’t mind the update on the BBC, but looks a little like it’s sinking in water ;) (Or am I being too critical?)

  9. I don’t think you are being subjective at all. The web 2.0 logos you are comparing are either unfinished or just plain ugly and they will never be put on any product so what is the purpose of comparing with some great logos. Try to compare old and the new Apple or Windows logos for instance.

  10. Christine,
    If we weren’t critical of design it would never get any better ;)

    I did say the web 2.0 logo designs were not all in use.

    I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to compare a variety of designs, even is some are “ugly”. Surely that’s more interested then looking at the same Apple logos which we’ve all seen 1,000 times?

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