The 200 brands of Virgin

virgin branding logos 4

I knew Virgin had a quite a variety of sub brands but was surprised when reading this article on VIBE to find Richard Branson’s empire is made up of more than 200 companies. Books, radio, wine, coffee, gambling, health services, basically anything you can think of.

The extensiveness of the Virgin brand is reflected in the visual styles of the individual brands and sub-brands. In isolation, these brand identities might do their work but the problem gets visible when they are placed side by side as shown here.

Apart from the (mostly) red colour and the very recognisable Virgin script typeface, many of the visual identities of the Virgin sub-brands look like they have been made overnight by the manager of the brand himself, without having to follow many rules or guidelines.

virgin branding logos 2
virgin branding logos 3
virgin branding logos 1

What do you think?

Besides the Virgin logotype there’s little to no unity between sub-brands. Most look pretty slapped together, like no real effort was put into them. Do they work for you?

5 thoughts on “The 200 brands of Virgin”

  1. Great! I just know virgin is a huge company in US, but I think 1 logo isn’t included… The Virgin Racing logo.

    Anyway… Nice to meet you. Great blog!

  2. Even though all of their logos aren’t standardized to a T, or even necessarily the same colour, the slanted VIRGIN font itself is unmistakable. Heck, they could change the logo colour to green and yellow one day but we’ll still all know it’s Virgin. On an unrelated note, it’s scary to actually see on paper how vast they are. Media, transport and alcohol? All they’re missing for total world domination is a hand in food manufacturing.

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