Using comic sans in secret: Disturbing revelations

comics sans

Now, I don’t know exactly what Google bases it’s auto-complete suggestions on, but presumably it’s built around popular search terms. If this is the case, the graphic design community may be harbouring a dirty little secret.

When you’re all alone…

Do you use Comic Sans?

P.S. Here are some more favourites from Google:

  • assume the chicken is a sphere.
  • amish online dating.
  • computers are about murdering you in a lake.
  • what if grass hoppers had machine guns.
  • who can keep his head in a chicken coop the longest.
  • why do walruses go to tupperware parties.
  • i killed the president of paraguay with a fork. how’ve you been.
  • onions are my husband.
  • penguins are my favourite sort of frogs.
  • do you find it painful when i get funky.

It’s good to know people still find the time to ask how you’ve been after they’ve just killed the president of Paraguay with a fork.

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  1. Robert,

    I think we’re all doing our best to ignore Papyrus in the hope that it fades from existence.

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