Upside down bottle design

bottle design

A truly unique label or packaging design goes a long way toward having potential consumers purchase your product over a competitors. These beer and champagne label designs for hot air balloon company Reve, by Laura Berglund certainly do the job.

Laura examples the concept:

I discovered during my research of hot air balloons that the first balloon to take flight landed in an angry farmer’s field, who came running out of his house with a pitchfork ready to attack the intruders. The flyers appeased him with the champagne they brought along, and ever since, it has become a tradition to drink champagne after every balloon excursion.

Thus, I created a line of food packaging, including champagne of course, which was designed upside down to reference the shape of the hot air balloon.

box design

label design

package design

produce design

What do you think?

While the whole line of packaging is obviously good, the champagne and beer labels are particularly great.

4 thoughts on “Upside down bottle design”

  1. Kriszha,
    No problem, a good design is always worth sharing.

    I’m just glad someone knew what I was talking about, ha.

  2. Andrew,
    Everything’s upside down these days

    You may recall the closing credits of Mr. Squiggle also had balloons.

    On a more serious matter, I love the bottle designs even though I don’t drink beer or anything alcoholic.

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