How much traffic do you get from a tweet?

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We all know twitter is the latest and greatest online marketing tool, but people aren’t always forthcoming with any actual numbers or traffic gained from it. I happened to catch a post of mine being re-tweeted a few times the other day and thought I’d share the results.

My original post, 15 logo design disasters, was tweeted by a visitor to my site ( thanks @downwithdesign ) after which a meagre 14 people re-tweeted it. As a result, I received about 2,700 unique visitors from twitter alone, for that post, on that day.

This is small beans when compared to the viral potential of twitter, I get handfuls of these from time to time which is great. Fingers crossed and waiting for the big one.

How about you?

What sort of traffic does a tweet normally send your way?

Update 10/08/10: I’m afraid at the time of writing twitter refuses to show older tweets to allow me to give credit to the appropriate person, but I caught my post on the I Love New York logo design making the rounds yesterday, with 26 retweets bringing in about 3,400 unique visitors from twitter that day, for that post. Thanks to you, mystery tweeters.

8 thoughts on “How much traffic do you get from a tweet?”

  1. “People aren’t always forthcoming with any actual numbers or traffic gained from [Twitter].”

    I’m not forthcoming about my actual numbers because they are so low it’s embarrassing! I do sometimes get a bit of traffic from Twitter but it’s so insignificant that I use Twitter primarily for learning from the top designers and marketers, etc.

    I’ve only been going since the beginning of this year so it’s early days but with only c. 450 followers I would never get those excellent visitors numbers you had from one tweet!

    I think post title and tweet content are so important with Twitter and social media “15 logo design disasters” is just a great title!

  2. C’mon now Rob, don’t be shy.

    I share mine because I found it frustrating at times that everyone has an opinion on what works best in SEO & social networking/marketing but never shares anything quantifiable.

    It’s like every information release by anyone from Google is full of should, shouldn’t, may, and likely. What I would have given for a few yes/no answers.

  3. It’s great that you share yours and very informative. And you’re right that the internet’s full of social media advice from people who probably don’t get much traffic from it and certainly don’t show their stats to back up their points.

    As I say in my most recent blog post I got 6K+ from StumbleUpon in a few days. I find I can get a few hundred from Dzone. I can get a hundred or so from LinkedIn and it’s quality traffic. From Twitter it’s just drips and drabs, I’m afraid!

  4. Rob,

    Stumbleupon is a strange one… Have a look at my traffic from it below.
    stumbleupon traffic

    As you can see, I got virtually no traffic from Stumbleupon initially, then 15,000 visits over the course of 2 months, then it dropped to virtually nothing again.

    I plodded along without much gain for a while, had a large burst for a while, then returned to virtually nothing again. Now I get a few hundred visitors a month from it.

    I’ve always uploaded all my blog posts once, no spam, duplicates etc. I uploaded a modest amount of links from other sites etc. Nothing in my routine has changed since initially joining Stumbleupon, it just no longer sends me the traffic.


  5. That is, indeed, strange, I usually get at least 100 every time I Stumble one of my own posts. You seems to be doing everything by the book. Are you tagging them, putting the posts in a category when you Stumble them?

  6. Rob,

    All strictly white hat, always tagged safe for work with the same submission process and categories as always.

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