The Periodic Table of Typefaces


As we all know there are thousand and thousands of fonts out there, of the few hundred of good ones you can probably remember one or two dozen, and beyond that you’ll need some reference. This is the post for you.

Cam Wilde from Squidspot recently posted his latest work, The Periodic Table of Typefaces, as shown above. The table consists of 100 “popular, influential and notorious fonts” as collected by Cam from many reputable design blogs.


As well as offering prints, shirts, and this nifty Moleskin cover shown below ( I’ve ordered mine ) Cam is kindly offering the source file for whatever donation you deem appropriate, so that you can print your own or do with it whatever your heart desires.

moleskin cover

What do you think?

For a while now I’ve been using legal size print outs with the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog printed in a few dozen fonts and a couple of point sizes, my new Moleskin cover is going to be a stylish and handy little tool.