Square One coffee illustrations and package design

package design

I don’t know about you, but nothing tastes better to me in the morning than a steaming hot caramel latte ( very masculine, I know… ) and if said coffee should happen to come from a fabulously illustrated package, all the better.

After deciding a re-brand was in order, Square One set out to “refresh the current logo and completely overhaul the packaging, in hopes to increase sales and drive a new awareness of the brand’s professionalism.”

label logo design 1

label logo design 2

label logo design 3

label logo design 4

“A refreshed logo and packaging were developed that communicated the key sales messages and created a raw aesthetic that was instantly embraced by their customers. Square One experienced a 50% sales increase in the first week of launch and sales remain strong.”

Good design goes a long way, hey?

What do you think?

While I don’t think the new logo is anything to write home about, I do love the illustrated labels.

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