Square logos for your inspiration

herc logo

Geometric shapes are often favored in logo design for their simplicity, particularly squares, circles and triangles. Squares are probably the most common shape we encounter from day to day, and are used to convey familiarity, trust and stability.

Posted here is a collection of 30 odd logo designs built around the trusty old square, starting with the Herc logo design. Enjoy.

robert f russo logo
Robert F. Russo.

basil price logo
Basil Price.

m and asi logo
M & Asi.

blvd design studio logo
Blvd Design Studio.

fitness logo
1822 Fitness.

7-zip logo

a c logo

bumble berry logo
Bumble Berry.

campus kitchens logo
Campus Kitchens.

david pache logo
David Pache.

jcg constructions logo
J.C.G. Constructions.

Loomis & Partners.

luci e cose logo
Luci E. Cose.

orchard administrators logo
Orchard Administrators.

three sea logo
Three Sea.

architekt stefan logo
Architekt Stefan.

baca sigala logo
Baca Sigala.

bellaview logo

cis internet logo
CIS Internet.

garth solutions logo
Garth Solutions.

homies robotics logo
Homies Robotics.

interior intrigue logo
Interior Intrigue.

m squared logo
M Squared.

permet logo

z comp logo

pixel place logo
Pixel Place.

pixeltography logo

sitting well logo
Sitting Well.

tendernet logo

the place logo
The Place.

What do you think?

Got squares on your mind for your next logo design project?

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