The Saurians Renaissance; Illustrations and calendar

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saurians renaissance calendar

If you frequent the Behance Network at all, you might have come across bits and pieces of this amazing calendar by Irina Vinnik. Its completion took nearly 4 years. I recently stumbled across the now complete set, and thought it deserved a recap in full.

saurians renaissance calendar
saurians renaissance january
saurians renaissance february
saurians renaissance march
saurians renaissance april
saurians renaissance may
saurians renaissance june
saurians renaissance july
saurians renaissance august
saurians renaissance september
saurians renaissance october
saurians renaissance november
saurians renaissance december
illustration detail

A close up shot of the detail of each illustration/calendar page.

What do you think?

No doubt its a little late to buy a 2011 calendar this late in the year. Fingers crossed that a 2012 version becomes available soon. You can check out more of Irina’s amazing work here.

2 thoughtful comments on “The Saurians Renaissance; Illustrations and calendar”

  1. Impressive calendar design, really looks antique based.

  2. The 2012 calendar is available and every bit as impressive as the 2011 version.
    Fantastic work.

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