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Quite some time ago I posted a brief look into some of the fonts included in Adobe Font Folio 11 collection. Too brief in fact. Included here is a wider sampling; including sans, serif, script and decorative fonts from the type library to whet your typographic whistle.

All typefaces included in the library come in OpenType format to suit whatever your system, 20 of which are showcased below. Some you’ll have seen, but with 2,300 typefaces included I’m sure plenty will be new.

aachen std
Aachen Std Bold. Available in:

  • Bold

caflisch script pro
Caflisch Script Pro. Available in:

  • Light
  • Regular
  • Semibold
  • Bold

calcite pro
Calcite Pro. Available in:

  • Regular
  • Bold
  • Black

celestia antiqua std
Celestia Antiqua Std. Available in:

  • Regular
  • Italic
  • Semibold
  • Bold

emmascript mvb std
Emmascript MVB Std. Available in:

  • Regular

eurostile lt std
Eurostyle LT Std. Available in:

  • Medium; Regular, Oblique, Condensed and Extended
  • Demi; Regular and Oblique
  • Bold; Regular; Oblique, Condensed and Extended

ex pronto pro
Ex Pronto Pro. Available in:

  • Light
  • Regular
  • Bold

itc american typewriter
ITC American Typewriter. Available in:

  • Light; Regular and Condensed
  • Medium; Regular and Condensed
  • Bold; Regular and Condensed

itc cheltenham std
ITC Cheltenham Std. Available in:
Light; Regular, Condensed, Italic and Condensed Italic
Book; Regular, Condensed, Italic and Condensed Italic
Bold; Regular, Condensed, Italic and Condensed Italic
Ultra; Regular, Condensed, Italic and Condensed Italic

minister std
Minister Std. Available in:

  • Light; Regular and Italic
  • Book; Regular and Italic
  • Bold; Regular and Italic
  • Black; Regular and Italic

motter corpus std
Motter Corpus Std. Available in:

  • Regular
  • Condensed
  • SemiCondensed

revue std
Revue Std. Available in:

  • Bold

script mt std
Script MT Std. Available in:

  • Bold

serpentine std
Serpentine Std. Available in:

  • Light; Regular and Oblique
  • Medium; Regular and Oblique
  • Bold; Regular and Oblique

spumoni lp std
Spumoni LP Std. Available in:

  • Regular

syntax lt std
Syntax LT Std. Available in:

  • Roman
  • Italic
  • Bold
  • Black
  • Ultrablack

trade gothic lt std
Trade Gothic LT Std. Available in more combinations of light, book, bold, ultra, condensed and italic than I care to type out.

verve std
Verve Std. Available in:

  • Regular
  • Bold
  • Black

weidemann std
Weidemann Std. Available in:

  • Book; Regular and Italic
  • Medium; Regular and Italic
  • Bold; Regular and Italic
  • Black; Regular and Italic

wilheml klingspor gotish lt std
Wilheml Klingspor Gotish LT Std. Available in:

  • Roman

And plenty more…

The complete library contains over 2,300 typefaces. If the above have piqued your interest you might like to head over to Adobe and check out the complete suite.

8 thoughts on “Adobe Font Folio 11 preview”

  1. Thanks for the list! Very nice shortcut to find the best font folio fonts (rather than spending hours going through the collection!)


  2. No problem Mike,

    I’ve still got a few hours of sorting to go I would imagine, if I can find the time I’ll try and do another post with some more choice picks.

  3. Dear Andrew,

    Thank you for the samples of fonts available from Font folio 11. My query is that I can not see these fonts available for use in Photoshop. I thought Photoshop borrows its fonts from the Microsoft Windows font folder (which I have added and are seen), so how do I make Photoshop identify these fonts for use?

    Regards ,
    Dr Jeffrey Hunter.

  4. Hello Jeffrey,

    You’re correct in your understanding that Photoshop ( and other Adobe software ) draws its typefaces from the Windows fonts folder.

    Font folio though is a separate product, I think you’ll find the vast majority of the fonts aren’t present in Windows or other Adobe programs and would need to be purchased separately.

  5. Hi Andrew,

    Did you create these type specs? I’m interested in using some of them.


  6. Hi Katie,

    The general layout was something I originally saw on Wikipedia, but yes, I created these ones. Let me know what you’re looking to do and if I can be of help.

  7. Dear Andrew,

    I am a novice in Typography but I have a flair for fonts. Can you please suggest for me some websites where I can learn more about typography and one moreover, can you please tell me how to use Adobe Font Folio 11?

    It would be of great help if you extend some of your expertise.

    And yes, I have copied the list of fonts you discussed here. I just fell in love with them.


  8. Hi Bhargav, is a great website for type, definitely one worth checking out.

    Font Folio itself is just a collection of fonts to be installed on your system and used in your design programs as you would any other font. You don’t actually use it, per se.

    Hope that helps.

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