Right brain vs left brain

right brain vs left brain
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right brain vs left brain
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right brain vs left brain
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A fantastic series of illustrations from an advertising campaign by Mercedes Benz. Not strictly accurate going by modern science, but a great depiction of the concept.

Are you a lefty or a righty? Leave a comment below and let me know.

12 thoughts on “Right brain vs left brain”

  1. Beautiful drawings and design. Very nicely put together. These look like 3 different artists have tackled the same subject with the same starting point. Love it.

  2. If both sides we’re represented with color then people would probably complain about that.

    Visually how else would you represent Logic vs Visual? They pretty much nailed it.

    The last is the best one.

  3. The third one’s best at pointing out the strong points of the left brain. It doesn’t only show structure, but also how beautiful that can be. As for the right side, it is obviously easier for an artist to be creative with that, because all three versions are great.

  4. Love how these works of art will most likely be done with someone whom is a right sided thinker in respect to the brain! GO RIGHTYS!

  5. Well let’s remember that this is an extreme simplification of the various operations performed by the two hemispheres.

    It’s not quite as straightforward as “I’m right-brained” “I’m left-brained”.

    This is more or less pop psychology.

  6. I’m just here for the graphic design Viv, I’ll leave the psychology to the experts.

  7. Great concepts don’t need to be explained. They just work. This concept needed a great illustrator and they got one. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I like the strong imagery on the left of the third one. The left side of the first two seem a little empty and unbalanced.

  9. This is an interesting concept. My left hemisphere and right hemisphere actually have discussions and debates in my head, as if they were 2 separate people. You should hear the arguments! lol

  10. This is fabulous! It’s a refreshing take on what I perceive to be a big aspect of life – right & left brain thinkers. Thank you for sharing!

  11. I recently commented to a friend about being left-brained, but he had never heard the debate between the left and right brain. This was the perfect illustration to demonstrate a great percentage of personalities. I love this!

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