Retro Star Wars trilogy posters

star was a new hope
star wars empire strikes back
star wars return of the jedi

A great series of retro poster designs for the original Star Wars trilogy. Courtesy of Olly Moss.

4 thoughts on “Retro Star Wars trilogy posters”

  1. I would like to ask where can I get my hands on a copy of these… My wife and I are huge fans and would love to have these hung on the wall of our living room!

  2. These were limited edition silkscreen prints, 400 were made of each. 350 of each were sold on mondotees for $50 each, I think there may have an option to buy all 3, regardless they all sold out as quickly as the servers allowed. Quite a few went to people who resold on ebay. I guess if you really want them, you can keep checking ebay, or go to a collector site, like expressobeans. If nobody has any for sale, you can set up an account and put this in your wanted list and hope somebody contacts you with an offer, but they tend to go for over $500 each these days.

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