Read your bookcase

read your bookcase
read your bookcase
read your bookcase
read your bookcase

Read your bookcase. A fantastic modular, typographic bookcase by Saporiti.

35 thoughts on “Read your bookcase”

  1. Could so use one of these, as you can see a couple of the cubes hold dvds/cds. Combine this with all my smallish paperbacks, big hardcovers, sketchbooks, and other misc. stuffs this would be perfect! Sign me up!

  2. In my opinion, consider it an original piece with a different relation to the placement and organization of books. It allows a versatile combination of parts.

  3. Why didn’t the designer think to make the bookcase usable? Seems to me that over half the spaces aren’t big enough for books. It’s nice to look at, I suppose, but it’s not very functional.

  4. This is really awesome. If I ever have enough room for this thing in my dwelling I am going to build one.

  5. For all those who are whining about functionality, ever thought of laying your books down in the shallow spots, standing them up in the taller spots?

    If you’re not going to come up with something better, quit’cher bitchin!

  6. I think it would make a great book case. Sometimes you need weird spaces to accommodate different sized books. I’m all for form following function but I don’t see this design as being totally flawed. If you want linear shelving you don’t have to buy this product…

  7. Wow. Interesting. This be real fun to have. Put different kinds of books everywhere, and to make it look nice, have knick knacks where you cant fit any books. Brillant I say. :)

  8. I like it, it sort of reminds of a book case / shadow box theme books come in all shapes and sizes and there is plenty of room for nik naks pictures that sort of thing it would be a nice addition to a modern living area.

  9. The E and Y and such would be good for pocket books. I know my star trek collection or manga should fit. If not then lay them sideways or fill with knickknacks or DVDs, CDs and video games.
    Great talking point for any house.
    Anyone know where to get it?

  10. Love it. I think it would be so useful. Saves room and can fit the tall, short, and weird sized books. I think it’s very creative.

  11. I disagree with all the “Downer Debbies” saying it would make a terrible bookcase because of the odd sized spaces. I don’t know about them but I’m a HUGE bibliophile and have many odd sized books, some tiny enough to fit in the palm of my hand and some huge and floppy. The odd spaces would be a big plus for me because my books would actually fit perfectly. lol.

    Regular bookcase only fit one kind of size book which leave me with some books crammed awkwardly with odd gaps between. So… THIS BOOKCASE IS AWESOME! ;P

  12. Very creative idea and I agree with ksha2222, it is a perfect solution for all the odd size books we like to keep. Brilliant.

  13. Awesome idea. If the backing is strong enough you could even put a cap on the front and not have to pack your books when you move, just seal, grab a letter and go.

  14. I like the design. After books were put into it, I didn’t care for it… too unorganized looking. But then that’s just me, I love neat appearance.

  15. I have a very large 6×6 expedit book case from Ikea that I love, but this thing blows mine out of the water! seriously awesome stuff.

  16. I like this bookcase, however, I wonder how other people arrange their books at home. Libraries are alphabetical. You can arrange by size and color, but that really makes it difficult to find a particular book. I arrange mine by category. I keep cooking, gardening, birding, sewing, photography, reference books, animal care and health. The cooking and Gardening books tend to be the largest and tallest. I have two large bookcases.

    I keep the largest spaces in each bookcase for those two categories, and otherwise try to keep each shelve reserved for one category. I am overloaded with books so all my space is taken and I have no room for pretty things.

    At least it keeps me from spending all my money on books. I purchase paperbacks for pleasure reading and give them away when I am finished with them.

  17. Love this! Where can I get one? This is beyond perfect for a bookworm like me… And between my books and my daughter’s books there are many different sizes, so the unusual spacing wouldn’t be an issue at all.

  18. Shirley,

    Libraries aren’t organised alphabetically, except in fiction. Non-fiction books are organised by the Dewey Decimal classification System (DDC) which puts them into categories (like cookery, gardening, travel etc).

    Personally, that’s how I put my books too… The fiction in alpha order (by last name of the author) and non fiction in category (roughly DDC). I couldn’t find my books any other way.

    The book case design is fabulous visually and could work, even putting books in the order I use as long as the “odd” spots contain pictures, ceramics, “other” things. I like that you can buy separate cubes and put them into your own configuration, making it very versatile.

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