A pocket full of business cards

business card designs

In my travels I always make sure to keep an eye out for interesting business card designs, and pick up a few wherever possible to add to the inspiration pile. Included here are a handful of recent additions that caught my eye.

butcher business cards
Butchers Grill, meat and wine cellar.

grill business card
My new favourite local restaurant. Windows on the Bay, grill & bar.

film card designs
The effect of Cream Film’s business card is somewhat lost on-screen I’m afraid, the gold foil stamping on un-coated black stock looks great in the flesh.

pharmacy business card design
Boncor, pharmacies and health food stores.

restaurant business card design
Rembroza, restaurant and bar.

business card designs
Sette Bello, another local restaurant.

How about you?

Picked up any interesting cards lately?

4 thoughts on “A pocket full of business cards”

  1. Funnily enough I do the same and the last business card I happened to pick up was the Butchers Grill business card. Great taste!

  2. Rebecca,
    No kidding? It really is a small world.

    It’s a shame the scan doesn’t really do the Cream card justice. The gold has much more impact in reality.

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