Pretty in pink; Logo designs

lullaby logo

Everyone has their favourite colours, I have this… friend, who despite much ridicule is a big fan of pink. Posted on behalf of my friend, here’s a collection of pink logos (or pink-ish at least) to bring everyone around.

love factory logo
Love Factory Inc.

my pink city logo
My Pink City.

matthew brian brands logo
Matthew Brian Brands.

art 4 time logo
Art 4 Time.

safe logo

blushberry logo

pozzitiva logo

mermlets logo
Mermlets cleaning service.

pink unicorn logo
Pink Unicorn Publishing.

What do you think?

Admit it, you secretly like pink. Just like my… friend.

9 thoughts on “Pretty in pink; Logo designs”

  1. Japer,

    Just a quick collection gathered here for their colour, I’m afraid I didn’t have a dozen excellent pink logos just laying around ;)

    Though I am partial to the Lullaby and Love Factory designs myself. The Matthew Brian Brands one also.

  2. Pink looks good to me!

    I like the Safe one but I’m not sure why it’s cropped? I think it would look better with complete type.

  3. Jackee,
    To frame the bottom of the heart I imagine. Still, with those stroke weights I think the heart would be pretty prominent, but who can say.

    No problem.

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