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andrew keir logo design

I thought I’d share a page of sketches I created as part of my personal logo development. Included here is just one of nine or ten pages, the rest are long since gone. I thought I’d show it just to demonstrate a little of the variety that goes into a logo design.

Most of them are nothing like the final choice, I took a dozen onto the PC before making my final decision. It’s only a fragment of the project, but what to you think of some of the alternatives?

andrew keir logo design
If you frequent designer blogs you’ve no doubt heard other designers say it’s hard to design for ones self. I often find myself looking back at my logo design and wondering, what if…

andrew keir logo design on black

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9 thoughts on “Personal logo design”

  1. I think I would have played around some more with number nine but I do like the simpleness of your logo design choice, it looks modern and flexible.

  2. I quite like the monograms 2 and 7, otherwise I think you made the right choice, your logo works great.

  3. Joni,
    Thanks for your feedback.

    I was fond of logos 2 & 7 as well but in the end I was looking for something more modern than 2, and 7 could be interpreted a “CK” with overlapping kerning so they were ruled out in the end.

    I’m still fond of the idea though, I’ll keep it up my sleeve for a future project perhaps.

  4. Nice article. Read a couple of your articles, I really like them!

    I agree you made the right choice for the logo. What is #15 supposed to be?

  5. Get rid of the superfluous lines and it’s number 9 for sure! More adventurous than your current logo. Nice range of ideas.

  6. Martin,
    15 was a very stylize “A”, designed to be a stand alone icon but I decided by the end it wasn’t really the best feel for me.

    I was quite fond of logo 9, but I felt it might lean too much towards architecture or building design, rather than graphic design. It was one of the more appealing logo ideas however.

  7. I think your logo is perfect! You’ve made the right choice.

    I’m in the process of designing one for myself too but not really sure what I want just yet :o)

    Stumbled upon your page while doing research. Glad I found your page. It’s awesome!

    Keep up the great work!

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