Pepsi’s latest brand identity, 11 and counting

pepsi 2009 logo and branding

Well it’s that time again, Pepsi seem set to roll out yet another re-brand in response to the economic slowdown continuing “to pressure the North American liquid refreshment beverage category.”

I think that means fizzy drinks… and of course the re-brand has nothing to do with trying to top Coca-Cola’s latest efforts…

Above is Pepsi’s latest image. Personally i think it looks like a range of motor oil and I don’t appear to be alone in my dislike of it. After reading the comments at Creative Review and Brand New, it seems the general consensus is a big thumbs down.

pepsi classic logo and branding

Personally i might have stopped here. With their clean, distinct look, these cans served Pepsi well in the past. You would be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t recognize them. When comparing the current/new packaging to these, I think they leave a lot to be desired.

10 logos of pepsi branding

What are your thoughts ?

Love it or hate it ? 1.2 billion dollars spent on this rebrand, I wonder how much the next one will cost.