Does unpopular branding grow on you?

pepsi logo design

Every so often a major brand causes a stir within the design community. A new logo design is seeming disliked by all, but despite crushing reviews and predictions of doom, these brands have the power to turn anything into a ubiquitous symbol in time.

It’s easy to look at the before and after of a logo design and not like it, but what about after its had a year or two, and a few million dollars, of brand exposure and advertising behind it?

wacom logo design

Most notorious in my mind from the last year or two is Pepsi, Wacom and the 2012 London Olympics. Now that they’ve had some time to sink in, has your opinion changed?

2012 olympics logo design

Pepsi change their branding so often it’s hard to remember exactly what the last image was. I still don’t know what the Wacom thing is supposed to be, and the less said about the Olympics logo the better.

Have they grown on you?

For me, obviously not. How about you?

2 thoughts on “Does unpopular branding grow on you?”

  1. As much as I don’t like to admit it, the Olympics one is starting to grow on me. Like most, I despised it at first sight, however, I think it’s so terrible, I’ve somehow become accustomed to it.

    It’s so bad, it’s got every designer in the world talking about it. Seems to me this could have been Wolff Olins ploy all along!

  2. Andrew,

    Are you seeing much in the way of Olympics advertising etc. over their yet?

    We aren’t seeing any of it in Australia at the moment, I suppose we won’t see it for another year at least. I’m still hating it as much as ever :P

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