Paul Rand logos

paul rand logos

With a career spanning over 60 years Paul Rand is best known for his corporate identity design, including the logos for Westinghouse, IBM, UPS, ABC, and many more, as well as his contributions to the International Typographic Style.

Showcased here are 60+ logos from his extensive portfolio.

abc logo design
The American Broadcasting Company.

accent software logo design
Accent Software.

adstar logo design

aiga logo design

atlas crankshaft logo design
Atlas Crankshaft.

ben franklin logo design
Benjamin Franklin 200th Anniversary Celebration.

borzoi books logo design
Borzoi Books.

cabbages and kings logo design
Cabbages and Kings catering.

Consolidated Cigar Corporation logo design
The Consolidated Cigar Corporation.

El Producto Cigar Company logo design
The El Producto Cigar Company.

colorforms logo design

Columbus Indiana Visitors' Center logo design
Columbus Indiana Visitors’ Center.

computer impressions logo design
Computer Impressions.

Connecticut Art Director's Club logo design
Connecticut Art Director’s Club.

coronent brandy logo design
Coronet Brandy (original design).

coronet brandy logo design
Coronet Brandy.

creative media logo design
Creative Media.

cresta blance logo design
Cresta Blanca Wine Company.

cummins logo design

doug evans logo design
Doug Evans & Partners.

dunhill logo design
Dunhill Clothiers.

english first logo design
English First.

eliot noyes logo design
Eliot Noyes & Associates.

eliot noyes logo design
Eliot Noyes & Associates.

enron logo design

esquire magazine logo design
Esquire Magazine.

unused ford logo design
An unused Ford logo concept.

gentry logo design
Gentry Living Colour.

gibson logo design
The Gibson Diamond Company.

harcourt logo design
Harcourt Brace and Company.

helbros logo design
Helbros Watch Company.

hub tv logo design
Hub TV.

1956 ibm logo design
1967 ibm logo design
1972 ibm logo design
The 1956, 1967 and 1972 IBM logo designs, respectively.

os2 logo design
IBM’s OS/2 software.

ibm xga logo design
IBM’s XGA display technology.

country club ice cream logo design
Country Club Ice Cream.

ideo logo design
IDEO Design.

iitri logo design
IIT Research Institute.

bureau indian affairs logo design
The U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs.

irwin logo design
The Irwin Financial Corporation.

john david logo design
John David Stores.

kaiser frazer logo design
Kaiser-Frazer Service Station.

limited logo design
An unused logo concept for The Limited.

ussb logo design

monell logo design
Monell Chemical Senses Center.

morningstar logo design

mossberg logo design
Mossberg & Company.

next logo design
NeXT Computers.

norwalk logo design
Norwalk Cancer Centre.

okasan logo design
Okansan Securities.

pdr logo design
Pastore DePamphilis Rampone.

portfolio magazine logo design
Portfolio Magazine.

robeson logo design
Robeson Cutlery.

servador logo design

skf logo design
Smith, Kline and French Laboratories.

stafford logo design
Stafford Fabrics.

tat logo design
Theatrical Architectural Television.

tipton logo design
Tipton Lakes.

24 logo design
A Twenty-Four Page Book Logotype for the Type Directors Club.

ups logo design
United Postal Service.

wallace puppets logo design
Wallace Puppets.

westinghouse logo design

yale logo design
Yale University Press.

zebra logo design
Zebra Press.

And more…

Plenty more to see including identity presentations, corporate standards manuals and philosophies on design at

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  1. I found your web site during a Paul Rand google search. I am so glad too! You have a wealth of good info here…you seem to be a great designer and writer. My husband and I recently started up our graphic design company.

    He has been doing design for some time and graduated from California State University, Chico but just recently has devoted more time to designing to get to the point where he can step down from his job and do designing full time. We’d love for you to check out some of our work…we are slowly getting more up.

  2. Hi Tiffany,

    As it happens I was just having a look through some of your work after your last comment.

    You sure get a lot of work doing baby shower invites from the looks of things ;)

  3. Hi Andrew,

    I’ve been searching for information of Paul Rand and found your webpage by chance. It helped me to complete the project about Paul Rand which I have to do.

    I was however unable to find information about the trademark “Gentry Living Color” that he designed… Do you have any information about it? I’ve been searching on the internet but so far haven’t found much.

    I would really appreciate it :)

    Thank you.

  4. Hi Alexandra,

    I’m afraid I wouldn’t have any more information on it than what you can find yourself in Google. Sorry.

    Best of luck with your search.

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