Does your logo work in… pastry?

logo design

So you have a bold colourful logo design and you display it with pride. Your logo also works well in black and white, as every logo should.

I believe a logo needs to work beyond these simple applications. A good logo must work, as apple strudel.

I’m joking obviously. Seriously though, give me a free hour and this is what you get, my personal logo stuffed full of apple and wrapped in pastry. I’ll admit the grey pastry doesn’t look terribly appealing but I promise it tasted good.


Have you used your logo anywhere fun that you’d like to share? Or maybe you can suggest a new hobby for me…

3 thoughts on “Does your logo work in… pastry?”

  1. I’ve always been more of a “cheesecake man” myself, might pencil that in for next weekend…

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