Pantone paint cans

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pantone pots paint

Having recently painted our house, I can tell you from first hand experience that choosing colours isn’t as exciting as you might think.

Between the blank tins of white paint used as bases for mixing and swatches half the size of a credit card it’s pretty much up to your imagination to picture how the colour will look on a larger area like your wall or roof. If only paint came like this…

pantone paint cans and tins
pantone paint tins
pantone paint cans

Love ‘em.

Not a real retail product unfortunately but rather a packaging design concept by designer Samy Halim. You can in fact buy interior and exterior paint directly from Pantone if you know the colour you want, if your headed to the hardware store however you’re out of luck.

8 thoughtful comments on “Pantone paint cans”

  1. Ha! Love it. Hope the house painting went well! We recently did some repainting in our home and thank God I think we are good…for now!

    Love the packaging concept! Very clever.

  2. Andrew Keir says:


    I know how you feel. In the last 8 months since moving in we have painted the inside, renovated the laundry, replaced the blinds and curtains, new doors, restored the roof, painted the fences and gutters, landscaped the garden…. It never ends!

    I plan to never paint anything ever again.

  3. Amanda says:

    That pretty darned cool.

    Why can’t I ever get enough of Pantone products? :O

  4. Julie Bush says:

    I want them!!! I’m afraid this is a case where I would be just buying the product because I like the packaging. Way to go! Did I mention that I want them…

  5. Andrew Keir says:


    Strange isn’t it…
    Red paint – Not interested.
    Pantone 199 red paint – Must have!


    I’m guilty of occasionally buying something just for the packaging design too.

  6. Martha says:

    What are the sizes of these paint cans? Is it possible to get just the cans somewhere? I would like to try some craft projects with them.

  7. Andrew Keir says:

    Hi Martha,

    You can find the official Pantone paint here.

  8. Tom Prager says:

    Perfect – concept and execution! Makes me want to buy some even though my walls don’t need paint.

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