Pantone mugs, muffins and more

pantone mugs

I knew Pantone made more than just ink and swatch books, I’d seen a few bags and what not around the place. I just found these over at Fubiz; pantone bags, badges, cups, shirts and even muffins.

If your looking for some design related goodies check them out, the sites in French but you’ll find a link to translate the page to English at the top.

pantone typeface
pantone panettone
pantone badge
pantone bag
pantone cube
pantone mug
pantone store

So much to choose from.

Hopefully they do a red button in Pantone 200 for me soon…

2 thoughts on “Pantone mugs, muffins and more”

  1. Alex,

    I wonder how much more people are prepared to pay for their muffin to come in a coloured box. I might just get myself a button and call it a day.

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