Pantone cookies!

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pantone cookies

Sending out Christmas cards to clients as a little thank you is nice is its own way, but it’s going to be hard to top these Pantone Chip Cookies by fellow designer Kim Neill.

spot colours cookies
printing cookies
swatchbook cookies
pms cookies

If cooking is your thing, Kim has been kind enough to post the recipe and a how-to over at KimCreativeStar.

If cooking and logo design are your thing, maybe you should give this a try…

18 thoughtful comments on “Pantone cookies!”

  1. Daniel Rose says:

    That’s a really good idea, but the colour is off on Pantone 376!

  2. Haha, wait until April Fools day and send one to your printer to match up a colour on a print job ;)

  3. Graeme says:

    Amazing idea, I’d love to get a box as a thank you!

  4. Andrew Keir says:

    I would imagine it’s a bit harder to mix food colouring and icing than it is to mix ink ;)

    My local hardware store has a colour matching machine for house paint. Having been there a lot over the past few months while renovating my house I’ve seen people matching colours from boots, plants, all kinds of things. I wonder how well it works from such things?


  5. @Andrew We have the same thing over here but never used it :D

  6. Kim Neill says:

    For the unique opportunity to EAT A PANTONE COOKIE, visit the McNeill Art Gallery in NYC this Feb.16, 2011 where my cookies have been invited to be part of Chromesthesia, a group exhibition exploring color and its effect on the senses.

    There will be 200 PANTONE COOKIES ON DISPLAY so don’t miss it!

  7. Gayle Barton says:

    I do Christmas Cookies every year. I’ll try this.

  8. Tom Prager says:

    Mmm, PMS 485, my favourite. I always have a bunch of 354s left over at the end.

  9. Kenton Smith says:

    I like those, though I’m not sure my all clients would get it. My vendors, printers, sign shops, etc sure would.

  10. Laura McCormac says:

    Those cookies look yummy! I got a kick out of the Pantone 376 cookie since it’s our company’s designated “green” color.

  11. Alan Ralph says:

    Only problem with these is that they probably wouldn’t last long enough for you to do any colour matching or palete selection. ;D Om nom nom!

  12. Cheryl F. says:

    Clever idea. I decorate cakes as a very small side business mostly as a hobby. That’s a good edible approach.

  13. Osku Penttinen says:

    Yum, Pantone food dyes and additives. Also, once eaten, will the output be rainbow coloured?

  14. Damon Hill says:

    And if you overcook the cookies?

  15. Lora Starling says:

    Overcooked will give you a percentage of black tint, undercooked I guess a tint of the colour.

  16. Michael Coleman says:

    Very interesting. I guess you buy the coloured frosting, then hope you can match it as closely as possible to a Pantone colour? Or by mixing your own and hoping you can match it?

    Neat idea just wish the process was more fleshed out. I love cookies :D

  17. Andrew Keir says:


    I imagine that Kim matches swatches to existing coloured frosting, rather than doing it the other way round.

    You’re doing it the hard way ;)

  18. Vonda says:

    I’m sure Kim has fun mixing the colours herself! Supercool idea.

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