Pantone colour of the year

honeysuckle 2011
With 2011 on the horizon, Pantone have again announced the annual Pantone colour of the year. This years winner, Honeysuckle. Energizing Honeysuckle Lifts Spirits and Imparts Confidence to Meet Life’s Ongoing Challenges.

turquoise 2010
Turquoise. A colour of deep compassion and healing, and a colour of faith and truth, inspired by water and sky. Read on for annual winners from years gone by.

mimosa 2009
2009, Mimosa. The colour yellow exemplifies the warmth and nurturing quality of the sun, properties we as humans are naturally drawn to for reassurance.

blue iris 2008
2008, Blue Iris. A mix of blue and purple that suggests dependability and magic.

chili pepper 2077
2007, Chili Pepper. Chosen for its pizazz and sophistication and its hint of ethnic taste.

sand dollar 2006
2006, Sand Dollar. A neutral colour that expresses concern about the economy.

blue turquoise 2005
2005, Blue Turquoise. Another reversal to a calming shade

tigerlily 2004
2004, Tigerlily. Acknowledges the hipness of orange, with a touch of exoticism.

aqua sky 2003
2003, Aqua Sky. A cool blue meant to restore hope and serenity.

true red 2002
2002, True Red. Recognizes the impact of 9/11 with a patriotic hue.

fuchsia rose 2001
2001, Fuchsia Rose. A reversal from the previous year, more exciting, more feminine and sexy.

cerulean blue 2000
2000, Cerulean Blue. Chosen for the millennium for its calming zen state of mind.

What’s your vote for next year?

No love for green so far, perhaps a nice emerald for a healthy and prosperous year?

3 thoughts on “Pantone colour of the year”

  1. Wow! I wasn’t aware that they were giving out awards for colors, so does this mean I should be using Turquoise to be with the “IN” crowd? :)

  2. Kiren,
    It totally does. I didn’t realise but I haven’t been cool since 2002!

    I’m overhauling my logo and blog to replace all the red with Turquoise A.S.A.P.

  3. We must have a green – the colour of unfurling new Beech leaves always makes me feel that life is great.

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