Packaging design materials to choose from

drink design

While the bulk of most graphic designers work is destined for paper there’s a whole world of substrates out there (Substrate is fancy design talk for stuff to stick your designs on).

cologne design

I’m not sure how pleasant the tactile element of this design would be, 10 points for originality though. Nothing says masculine like a block of concrete…

food design

These snails and pack in moulded and coloured, you guessed it, snail poop. Just when the snails thought it couldn’t get any worse than being stuffed with garlic…

advertising material

No portfolio is complete without designing a tube. This trio holds a collection of inflatable boot trees, used as merchandising for a European footwear and fashion company.

specialty design

I’m not entirely sure what these containers for Azita’s dry spice rub are made from, but I’m a big fan of the wooden finish, especially the black one. Much more pleasant tactile-wise than the concrete.

carton design

Good to see some simple, clean vector illustrations that make sense on these Cravendale milk cartons, instead of using the slap rainbows all over everything technique favoured by so many.

package design

More milk packaging design, this time by Ecolean and focused on using the least materials possible.

food design

This lovely tin is for Nudo Olive Oil, I’m not entirely sure what’s inside as presumably they don’t sell oil sloshing around in a tin of this style.

chip packet

A pleasant change from the otherwise relentless world of glossy plastic chip packets with these Freeloader Feed designs.


Another tactile favourite and plastic alternative with this letterpress label for Reserve Collection coffee.

shaker design

These salt and pepper shakers for Soso is made from textured PVC.

The client was looking for a distinguishing container that could be used both to store salts and as a salt cellar. An egg is the perfect container, as its own shell is the packaging, so it was decided that an egg shape would be reproduced.

bottle design

Finally this glass bottle for Tap Water was designed as an alternative to the sporty/lifestyle feel that most bottled waters have in common, and to eliminate the the waste from constantly discarded plastic bottles.

What do you think?

Any idea for an unusual material or stock for your next packaging design project?

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