Obama logo design development

obama logo design

VSA Partners, Inc. recently posted an interview with Sol Sender, leader of creative development for the Obama ’08 campaign logo.

In late 2006, Sender and his team began their two week project to develop the new Obama logo while still retaining some traditional styles. The final mark was the now famous “O” featuring a blue and white landscape within Obama’s initial.

In the videos below Sol outlines the development of the final concepts, some alternative type treatments and viral nature of the campaign.

Below are some of the unused logo options, Sol explains a little of the development process for each in the above videos.
obama logo design 0
obama logo design 1
obama logo design 2
obama logo design 3
obama logo design 4
obama logo design 5

What do you think?

I certainly think the best logo was chosen, how about you? Any alternatives you prefer?