Norway blows its logo redesign

old posten logo

You might have read a month or so ago about Norway Posts recent re-brand, and while the new logo is fairly boring, the history and meaning now lost from the old logo is not.

For over a century Norway postage stamps have donned images of post horns, these horns were always once used to herald the arrival of the postman. Most interesting is the Crown of Norway, Norway Post is one of only 3 logos allowed to use it.

The old logo holds meaning and most importantly is in the unusual position of being truly unique, 1 out of 3 ain’t bad.

new posten logo

The new logo on the other hand, is nearly the definition of generic. It’s been suggested that the new logo features 2 mirrored horns, even with that in mind I find myself drawn to the negative space and don’t really see them.

So far from what I’ve read the most popular interpretations of the logo seem to be either the Death Star, a Poké Ball (ask your kids…) or nothing at all.

logo designs compared

What do you think?

It almost seems unthinkable to completely discard the old mark in my opinion.0