Negative space logos

ogden plumbing logo
Ogden Plumbing.

american institute of architects center logo
The American Institute of Architects Center.

atlantic animal hospital logo
The Atlantic Animal Hospital.

blade logo

blue dog properties logo
Blue Dog Properties.

catch five logo
Catch 5.

city direct logo
City Direct.

cork champagne logo
Cork Champagne Bar.

dead battery logo
Dead Battery.

egg in spoon logo
Egg In Spoon.

8 fish logo
8 Fish.

ellettro domestici logo
Ellettro Domestici.

fishlounge logo
Fish Lounge.

fit logo

guild of food writers logo
The Guild of Food Writers.

hammer logo

height logo

horror films logo
Horror Films.

human logo

locks logo

newcastle food wine festival
The Newcastle Food & Wine Festival.

nicholsons logo

black cat logo
Black Cat.

paint the city logo
Paint The City.

pelican advertising agency
Pelican Advertising Agency.

pencil logo

words plus images logo
Words + Images.

pendulum logo

piano forest logo
Piano Forest.

portrait logo
Portrait Photos.

share our strength logo
Share Our Strength.

push the bottle logo
Push The Bottle.

tulipart logo

up logo

williamsons pottery logo
Williamsons Pottery.

martin newcombe property maintenance logo
Martin Newcombe Property Maintenance.

new bedford whaling museum
The New Bedford Whaling Museum.

Shown here are just under 40 logo designs that make excellent use of negative space in their designs.

What do you think?

Sometimes the things that aren’t in a logo design say more than the things that are.

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