Vote #1 poster designs

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red vote m and m's

We have an election in Melbourne in 2 weeks time, admittedly I’m not very political and fairly oblivious when it comes to such things, but I don’t believe I’ve seen anything recently, advertising for one candidate or the other. I expect I’ll be placing a blank ballot paper in the box once again.

If a candidate were to take a leaf from the M&M’s book of advertising though, I think they’d have me with these poster designs.

blue political m and m's

green politics m and m's

yellow politician m and m's

crispy politicians m and m's

Cast your vote.

Yellow, he’s the man for me.

4 thoughtful comments on “Vote #1 poster designs”

  1. Rob Cubbon says:

    Vintage/retro stuff seems to be everywhere at the moment – or maybe it just never goes out of style. Anyway, I like the campaign too!

  2. Andrew Keir says:


    I love some of the retro stuff out there, the poster for Red is by far my favourite.

    You’d probably really like the art deco stuff from Bio Shock 2. Check it out if you haven’t seen it already.

  3. Kiren says:

    Oh wow, the Ms. Green one is a tad scandalous :)

  4. Andrew Keir says:


    You know what they say; “sex sells”.

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