Mitsubishi logo design – a winning combination

mitsubishi logo

It’s not unheard of when two companies merge that one identity simply consumes the other, which seems like a shame, or alternatively the two are mashed together into something that doesn’t particularly represent either.

The combination of the Iwasaki family and tosa clans to form Mitsubishi resulted in neither of these, the three layer crest of the Iwasaki family and three oak leafs of the Tosa clan joined to form what became an excellent logo.

mitsubishi logo

The brand name itself consists of two parts, “mitsu” meaning three, and “hishi” which among other things refers to a diamond shape. When used in the middle of a word the letter H is often pronounced as a B in Japanese, leaving us with Mitsubishi.

What do you think?

Couldn’t have been better in my opinion, if you know of any other mergers resulting in good design I’d like to hear about them.