Some logos are not for you

metal logo design

The popular corporate and brand identity review blog, Brand New, posted an article a while back on logo designs and branding of the music and sub-culture of metal music.

While these are obviously not everyone’s cup of tea, some of the feedback on the metal logos was a little unexpected. Many of the readers of Brand New are design savvy, and as a result the comments and conversations are usually fairly constructive. Not this time.

Here are a few examples of the logo designs in question:

metal music logo 1

metal music logo 2

metal music logo 3

metal music logo 4

Many readers who by there own admission have no interest or understanding of the genre, were quick to dismiss the entire thing as “a garbled mess”. While a few enthusiasts were quick to rise to their defence, most seemed keen to condemn without a second thought.

What do you think?

Obviously they’re not for everyone, but then they were never meant to be.

5 thoughts on “Some logos are not for you”

  1. Great Title, it says all. Perhaps I find the designs you have shared inspiring because I am fan of typography and these resemble typographic artwork. I particularly like the concept of second one.

  2. Anybody who understands the extreme music scene understands why these logos are the way they are, it is entirely to do with a subculture that most people won’t ever understand because it is not of interest to them.

    Just like people might look at certain periods of art or design through the years and think ‘what is that about? its so ugly and pointless’. This is the same situation here.

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