New branding of Melbourne city

Melbournes new logo design

The logo was developed by the Australian branch of Landor Associates for just shy of $200,000 and according to CEO Dr Kathy Alexander has the following objectives:

  • Consolidation of multiple logos into a single, strong, cutting-edge design
  • Better identification of services City of Melbourne is delivering
  • Greater brand impact and flexibility
  • More cost and time-effective in-house design and brand management

Below are a dozen alternate colour schemes, as well as the final mark which is said to represent the cultural and artistic nature of Melbourne.

logo design options
final logo design selection

The new branding of Melbourne city appears heavily inspired by Melbourne’s Federation Square and while I like the full colour render, I think the message is somewhat lost on the black-only version. Besides that, It’s a great improvement over the old logo.

old and new logo designs

The “leaf” logo has been in use now for 15 years and was found to be outdated, weak when compared to other national and international city brands and with a score of additional logos leads a somewhat fragmented image.

As a result, Melbourne’s annual design costs are said to be nearly $100,000 and their new unified brand images is set to negate this. Last but not least, is some printed collateral to accompany their new brand image.

printed material

printed material 2

What do you think of Melbourne’s new brand identity?

As with any large re-brand their is going to be a lot of love/hate going around, but at the least it’s a big improvement in my book.

4 thoughts on “New branding of Melbourne city”

  1. I have major respect for this logo, it (in my opinion) is brilliant. I was born in Melbourne and can honestly say it reminds me of my home city everytime I see it (I think the Fed Sq. Building link has a lot to do with that though). This is the first time I have seen the accompanying printed branding, it incorporates the new brand really well.

  2. It’s worth noting that the City of Melbourne logo was blatantly plagiarised by a Chinese shopping centre a little while ago. They made absolutely no attempt to hide the fact that it was a direct rip off.

  3. Gus,

    It does seem to be happening more and more these days that people are happy to blatantly copy someone else’s existing design work. With the number of off-the-shelf and design contest sites out there now, I suppose it’s no surprise that more and more copied work is appearing.


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