Missile Defence Agency ( MDA ) logo design controversy

missile defence agency logo design

In recent days you may have read some of the brewing controversy over the United States Missile Defence Agency. The recent budget cut of 1.2 billion dollars may warrant some conversation if you’re interested in such things, though strangely, the growing controversy revolves around the MDA’s “new” logo design.

In addition to the Trajan wordmark, the logo features a planetary silhouette, a stylized missile and America’s trusty red, white and blue. Hardly surprising, but apparently it’s all about how you look at it.

logo design comparison

The uproar comes from the above amalgamation, an apparently obvious merger between the Obama 08 campaign logo and the crescent moon symbol of Islam.

I must be missing something, but apparently between the logo design is a blatant announcement of Obama’s intent to convert America to an Islamic nation and with the combined budget cut open the country to missile attack to facilitate the change.

And here I was thinking it’s just a logo…

Forgetting for a minute that the logo was actually designed back in 2007, before Obama was head honcho, here’s what a glimpse of what people have had to say;

What an outrage. Enough is enough. Why are we letting this man do this to America? It is time for all the people to arise and put a quick stop to all this.

Dear MDA:
Your new logo is wholly offensive and must be removed for these reasons:

First, it is Obama-esque, reminiscent of his campaign artwork. This is unseemly and smacks of a cult of personality.

Second, the play on the Islamic Crescent is sinister, disturbing and outrageous.

I am requesting a reply to this comment and will seek redress at every level possible. This should be removed and never reconstituted for this or any other government program.
Concerned citizen

I am shocked that Americans are standing still for this. Nixon was impeached–but obummers crimes seem to be a lot more damaging in the long run.

It’s over. That’s all I can say. I tried to tell people. What’s next? Simple:

1. Get guns out of the hands of law-abiding Americans.
2. Martial law.
3. Saddam Hussein O…

Better start learning Arabic people.

Given the particulars of the Missile Defence Agency, I couldn’t think of anything more obvious than the elements used in the logo design.

What do you think?

Had it not been brought up, I doubt I would have ever made the connection.

2 thoughts on “Missile Defence Agency ( MDA ) logo design controversy”

  1. I think this is hilarious. Just shows how successful the Obama campaign was for so many people to think it came first and never do any research.

    I can’t see a strong connection to the islam symbol, but I didn’t understand why people never brought up the similarity between Obama and Osama

  2. Rachel,

    No doubt there are a tonne of logos out there featuring a crescent moon. As for people who connected these 3 logos in particular together, perhaps they just need to find a hobby other than complaining about things.

    Don’t give anyone ideas about the Osama bit though…

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