Logotype design favourites

eight logo design

A logotype is a logo design comprised of text only, with no graphic mark, generally either a custom font created for the project, or an existing typeface which has undergone a type treatment. Shown here are a few logotype design favourites.

families logo design
Families. Logo design for the readers digest publication, by Herb Lubalin.

disney logo design
You’ve never too old to like Disney.

logo design michael evamy
Logo from Michael Evamy’s book Logo.

sink it logo design
Sink It. Logotype for a golfing putting aid, I foresee my fathers next Christmas present…

coca cola logo design
Coca Cola. Can’t go past the classics.

version two logo design
Version 2.

ibm logo design
The IBM logotype by renowned graphic designer Paul Rand.

fender logo design
Fender guitars.

twins logo design
Twins logotype, very clever.

How about you?

Do we share any favourites? What other logotype designs do you like?

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