Logos with hidden symbols

amazon logo design
Amazon.com, everything from A – Z while putting a smile on your face.

baskin robins logo design
Baskin Robins 31 flavors slogan incorporated into their logotype.

ed logo design
Elettro Domestici‘s logo is a great use of negative space. A simple power plug forming the companies initials.

big ten logo design
Big Ten was originally a conference involving 10 American universities. When an 11th university joined, this clever adaptation was made to include them.

fedex logo design
The Fedex logo features a subtle arrow between the E & x of its custom typeface. The type is a hybrid of univers & futura by designer Lindon Leader.

eight logo design
Each piece of the Eight logo is made from cropping the same character.

logo review design
Logo Review‘s tick of approval.

logo review design
Fashion Centres extra button hole to form an F.

pakuy logo design
Packaging company Pakuy‘s logo features a broken down box forming a P.

gotham books logo design
Finally the Gotham Books logo forming the Empire state building in New York.

What are your thoughts?

Some are less subtle than others, but all are clever designs which deserve a mention.

Which is your favourite logo design? Do you know any other great logos with hidden symbols?

5 thoughts on “Logos with hidden symbols”

  1. These are excellent examples of logos with hidden symbols. I really like the creativity it takes to come up with logos like these and I think that makes people smile and remember them better.

  2. They’re beautiful ideas for logos and cheers for decoding them :)
    I really didn’t know and hadn’t thought of some of these , these logos rock and so your blog , cheers.

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