Logo design for Vera Oils

vera oils logo design

Located around 2 hours north of Sydney, Vera Oils is a grower and producer of culinary oils and vinegars. Previously the brand didn’t really have a logo to speak of and was using an photograph of an olive and their mark.

While their products are primarily olive based, owner Marcus felt a photograph was too specific ( not to mention photographs don’t make for good logos anyway ) and not appropriate for all their products, hence a new design was needed.

It was important to Marcus that the logo focus on the ingredients of their products and quality is their primary goal. Several ideas were explored such as the using oils themselves, olive branches and various representation of growth and nature.

At the time, Marcus’s budget allowed for a redesign of the logo and corporate stationery but not their range of product packaging. As a result the olive silhouette was chosen to fill the void of the existing logo while being simple but distinct enough to apply to their range of products.

As always here is a handful of sketches of alternate logo design ideas.

vera oils logo design

a,b : using a drop of oil and olive respectively as an a .
c : olive brand forming the r.
d : V monogram holding a splash of liquid.
e : dove with an olive branch.
f : dove with olive branch also forming a V monogram.
g : simple olive silhouette which evolved into the final mark.
h : V monogram using an olive branch.
i : Vera’s a represented by an oil decanter.

vera oils logo design

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