Logo design for Motorhead

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Located in western Sydney, Motorhead sell a variety of automotive enthusiasts parts and accessories. Decals, badges, after market lights, covers and all manner of things to tailor your cars look to your liking.

With the beginning of their brand, they required a simple, primarily graphical logo able to be reproduced at small sizes and on a variety of materials, and so, the above mark was developed.

Based on simple geometric shapes, the logo is intended to be used in single colour print on a variety of challenging substrates including materials, plastic and metals. Here are some alternate ideas explored.

logo design

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4 thoughts on “Logo design for Motorhead”

  1. You made the right choice – in all alts you lose either motor or head.

    The thing I don’t like is the evil expression… It gives it that “rock-band” feel, I find lame and immature.

    Thumbs up anyway.

  2. MNaydenov,

    The logos that only say “motor” are just roughs to see how the idea looks on paper, if they’d been explored further they would have all had the full brand name.

    Thanks for the critique, I know what you mean by the “rock-band” feel. Motorhead’s target demographic is the younger generation of drivers so hopefully that’s works in its favour.

    Thanks again for the thumbs up.

  3. Hum, I guess I fail at reading again. (The “automotive enthusiasts parts and accessories” part)

    With that in mind the logo is spot-on.

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