Logo design for Allan Peters

music logo design

Living and working in Sydney, Allan Peters is both a performing musician and guitar instructor. Many musical ideas revolving around Allan’s performances and tuition services were explored while developing the logo.

Notes, sheet music, microphones, speakers etc. were all tried as well as performer silhouettes and stage lights before finalizing the guitar pick monogram.

Below is a page of alternate ideas as always, do any take your fancy?

music logo design ideas

a : musical note in place of p.
b : guitar body and full guitar as AP monogram.
c : guitar pics and pause symbol as letters.
d : variety of guitar pick placements to form another AP monogram.
e : microphone in place me l.
f : guitar shaped logotype.
g : Allan Peters sticker across a guitar case.
h : guitar pick decorated with AP initials.

music logo design

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3 thoughts on “Logo design for Allan Peters”

  1. This is an inspirational piece! Thank you for showing us your thought processes along with the amazing logo’s you’re designing. Personally, I love simplicity, and this is a simple, and powerful design.


  2. This is one of my favourite pieces of work also, thanks for the praise Troy, your comment is much appreciated.

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