The secret inspiration behind the LG logo

lg logo design

Something always struck me as familiar about the LG logo design, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Until today…

The Pacman logo!

I new it all along, Waka waka waka.

4 thoughts on “The secret inspiration behind the LG logo”

  1. I’ve always despised the LG logo. I mean, what’s it all about? Maybe the Pacman concept is spot-on!

    On an unrelated matter, is there something wrong with your RSS feed? I just received this in my RSS reader today (NetNewsWire), on the 14th ???

  2. Hey Andrew,
    I recently changed which sections of my blog I’m noindex-ing, it was about 2 weeks ago?

    According to webmaster tools I had 190 odd indexed pages, for the last few days its been 70, then bumped up to 190+ yesterday again.

    I guess some growing pains there with the changes probably? Oh well, it’s finished now.

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