Key features of a good logo design

fedex logo design

So what makes a good logo? The key features of any good logo are;

  • it is easily describable
  • it must be memorable
  • it should be effective in black and grey scale only
  • be scalable, so as to suit any application
  • and obviously suit what it represents

Being memorable and easy to describe are the most important features of a logo, if you can’t even describe it you obviously haven’t remembered it. Logo design is definitely a case of less is more.

A logo should be simple, and have immediate impact, logos are not complex pieces of art to be examined and absorbed and need to attract your customers attention in as little time as possible.

Below is the Shell logo demonstrating its use with and without colour. Colour may not always be available and a good logo must work without it.

shell logo design

Having a logo you can invert may also be required, as demonstrated by the Nike logo below. While a grey or dark logo may look great against white, it will all but disappear if it is required against a black stock or background.

nike logo design

Scalability is also important. Everyone will need there logo to go on some small variety of items, most likely a business card, letterhead & web page at least.

Your logo may also need to be applied to pens, badges, napkins, key-rings or many other promotional items or collateral. A non-scalable logo will prevent you from doing so.

Finally a logo must obviously suit the business it represents. This comes down in-depth research into the business and also it’s industry, to ensure uniqueness from any associated competitors.

What are your thoughts?

Do you have a favourite logo that embodies these principles?

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  1. I think you just condensed a university graphics arts class into eight paragraphs and a couple of images. Well done.

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