Why PayPal is great for international graphic designers and clients

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If you’ve never made an international money transfer before, it can be a bit of a chore.

I imagine the details can vary slightly depending on which countries you’re transferring to and from – obviously I haven’t done them all – but typically you’ll need the following information:

  • The recipients banks name
  • BIC / SWIFT code
  • Branch name
  • Their address
  • Bank branch code
  • BSB
  • Account Number
  • Account Name
  • The transferring agent banks name
  • Their ABA
  • Their BIC/ SWIFT Code
  • A week of patience
  • A chunk of fees

What you need for a PayPal transfer:

  • An email address

Much easier!

Confirmation that payment has been made is basically instant, and there’s one minimal fee to be paid. If you don’t have a PayPal account and are potentially looking to hire an international graphic designer or other professional, it makes life easier for all involved.

Do use PayPal for international or local business? Leave a comment below and let me know.

3 thoughts on “Why PayPal is great for international graphic designers and clients”

  1. One pitfall with PayPal is that someone could hire you to do some work for an upfront fee. When the project is finished, the client could receive all their files from you, then put in a paypal complaint that the work isn’t what they paid for and get their money back. I’ve read plenty of stories like this before.

    However, if we choose out clients carefully, PayPal is, like you said, an excellent way to pay.

  2. Don’t give people ideas Andrew ;)

    A friend of mine had that happen for an eBay sale a few years back, it seems more to have a focus on incorrectly described items or something not being received. But not for services rendered. The process looks to have been overhauled in recent years too.

    Having a quick read on the PayPal site, even with eBay items they also no longer return the funds at the time of the complaint, but hold them while they contact you.

    After forwarding emails, quotes, contracts etc. between yourself and the client to PayPal I wouldn’t think it would be too difficult to resolve the matter in your favour.

    I’ve read similar stories too, but you never know the circumstances. As I’m sure you’ve encountered in the past, people at fault often assume the role of the victim instead of admitting their part in the problem.

    As you said, this all hinges on working with someone who’s low/criminal enough to attempt such a thing. We’ll just stick with the good clients, hey?

  3. There is always a risk when you’re doing business, especially when working on projects and having never met the clients.

    However, PayPal is an awesome service to allow freelance writers, graphic designers, web developers etc. to expand their reach and attract more business.

    If you were going to think about all the negative things that could happen, you would be best served not offering your services online! :)

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