Illustrations by Glennz

clown fish

Glenn Jones is an illustrator and graphic designer from Auckland, New Zealand with a hugely diverse portfolio of clever, retro and wacky illustrations.

Available as prints, shirts, calendars and more, his illustrators are worth a look. Here is a dozen of so of his designs.

I’d love too see how the below stunt riding penny farthing manages to land…

stunt penny
chemical band
ghost busters
crop circles
enterprise in a bottle
cleaning with the force
lego man evolution
r2d2 compacted
deep sea bath plug
running with scissors
lock ness monster caught
blow up castle siege
thomas transformer


I think I’m going to have to treat myself to a few shirts.

2 thoughts on “Illustrations by Glennz”

  1. I’ve been of fan of the Glennz designs now for ages. I keep meaning to get the tee where Spock is making a bunny shadow on the wall with the “love long and prosper” hand gesture.

    I may also buy the Thomas the Tank engine one for my little lad :)

    Truly original work.

  2. Andrew,

    That’s the thing I particularly like about Glennz, the variation and originality of his illustrations.

    Too often you see people who can execute one particular style extremely well, and the work is great, but 20 pages into their portfolio and you’re still looking at the same thing.

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