Mail out illustrations by Jainai Jeffries

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owl birds

The little extras are often what make a business stand apart from the competition, the sketches on client envelopes by artist Jainai Jeffries certainly achieve that. I wish my mail arrived looking like this.

I like to decorate the envelope when I mail work to clients (both sketch and standard). It’s always random whateverthehellIwant sketches:

– I don’t charge extra.
– I do not accept requests on what I sketch.

chinese cat
bear face
cat top hat
cup cake
demon face
samurai warrior
bearded skull
flaming crown
owl skeleton
skull rose
skull wings
water lily
coi carp

What do you think?

Great hey? You can view more of Jainai’s work at her portfolio site.

4 thoughtful comments on “Mail out illustrations by Jainai Jeffries”

  1. Laura says:

    Gorgeous mail art. Good thing it’s a paid courier. I bet a few of them would never get to their destination if it was regular mail.

  2. Andrew Keir says:


    A few would get “lost” you think, Laura?

  3. Ruben Garcia says:

    Great display of raw creation at its best!It would be hard for me to let them go out if I did them.

  4. Emmanuelle says:

    Awesome art – I love them!

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