Design as sweet as honey

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honey box
This collection of great packaging, labels and honey logo designs was gathered while researching for a packaging design project of my own.

honey lids
Mieles Del Desierto De Los Andes.

pure organic honey
pure organic honey jar
pure organic honey box
Babees pure organic honey.

ballard bee company
The Ballard Bee Company.

bee honey logo
bee honey bottles
Bee Honey.

honey jar
Bee local.

bees knees
bees knees
The Bees Knees.

beeline honey bottles
Beeline honey.

bee raw honey
Bee Raw.

black tar honey jars
black tar honey box
black tar honey
Black Tar Honey.

denniston apiary honey label
Denniston Apiary Honey.

honey ribbon
Gruncharov Honey.

honey sticker
Heide Honey.

apis honey labels
APIS honey varieties.

honey bottles
honey logo
The Nude Bee Honey Company.

organic honey bottle
organic honey
Organic Honey.

sheffield honey logo
sheffield honey labels
sheffield honey design
The Sheffield Honey Company. A personal favourite in branding…

What do you think?

Which design are you sweet on?

4 thoughtful comments on “Design as sweet as honey”

  1. Pamela Haley says:

    All of them are really great however, the one that really sticks out is The Bees Knees… It gives me the heebie gees.

  2. Andrew Keir says:

    I guess the graphic reminds you a little too much of a bee crawling on you, Pamela?

  3. Pippin says:

    Some of these packages make the product look medicinal to me. I like the way the writing of Babees captures the flight of the honey bee. I like the cleanness of Univers in the Sheffield label and the hexagonal cell with a drop of liquid dropping inside is brilliant, but still a little too sterile.

    All the extraneous script writing on the Organic Honey package bothers me, but the central logo is good. I think that is Futura on the APIS package – again it looks kind of clinical or like a makeup product.

    Andrew, can you show us the results of the research ? What all this inspiration led you to do?

  4. Andrew Keir says:


    I will post pictures of the packaging in due course, it’s still a few months away from landing on the shelves though so I won’t be able to share until then. My agreement with the supplier is not to show any of the work in my portfolio until they have launched the products.

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