Green and Blacks Organic packaging design

chocolate labels designs

We have a very specific routine when my partner and I go shopping.

Step 1: Compile shopping list.
Step 2: Plan the most efficient route around the grocery store.
Step 3: Get distracted by the labels and packaging design and abandon her in favour of browsing the isles.

Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate label design provided the most appealing distraction this week.

blue and orange chocolate label design
Hazelnut & currant, and ginger.

purple chocolate label design
Cherry, and raisin & hazelnut.

blue and red chocolate label design
Milk, and Maya gold labels. The Maya gold

dark label designs
70% and 85% cocoa content.

white and almond chocolate label design
White, and almond flavours.

green and yellow chocolate label design
Finally mint, and butterscotch.

What do you think?

I rarely even eat chocolate, but I had to buy a few.

3 thoughts on “Green and Blacks Organic packaging design”

  1. Shanna,

    Nope, the chocolate itself isn’t all that amazing. The packaging design is certainly doing a good job though.

  2. Ha ha. I have to admit, I do buy products based on their designs. Something I mentioned to my graphic design teacher and he said he does the same. I guess that goes to show that you know you’re a graphic designer when….

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