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chocolate labels designs

We have a very specific routine when my partner and I go shopping.

Step 1: Compile shopping list.
Step 2: Plan the most efficient route around the grocery store.
Step 3: Get distracted by the labels and packaging design and abandon her in favour of browsing the isles.

Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate label design provided the most appealing distraction this week.

blue and orange chocolate label design
Hazelnut & currant, and ginger.

purple chocolate label design
Cherry, and raisin & hazelnut.

blue and red chocolate label design
Milk, and Maya gold labels. The Maya gold

dark label designs
70% and 85% cocoa content.

white and almond chocolate label design
White, and almond flavours.

green and yellow chocolate label design
Finally mint, and butterscotch.

What do you think?

I rarely even eat chocolate, but I had to buy a few.

3 thoughtful comments on “Green and Blacks Organic packaging design”

  1. I’ve had that chocolate. It isn’t any better than other similar chocolate, but it was the packaging that made me buy it, too.

  2. Andrew Keir says:


    Nope, the chocolate itself isn’t all that amazing. The packaging design is certainly doing a good job though.

  3. Michael R. says:

    Ha ha. I have to admit, I do buy products based on their designs. Something I mentioned to my graphic design teacher and he said he does the same. I guess that goes to show that you know you’re a graphic designer when….

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