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logo book by michael evamy

A single, simple, recognizable graphic icon is a great asset to any brand. To stand alone from any typography yet still successfully tell their stories is what makes a mark great.

Shown here are 10 favourite graphic logos for your enjoyment, hopefully they’ll lend you (and me) some inspiration for your next logo design project.

sancti spiritus logo mark
Sancti Spiritus Wines. A great mark, this logo design also won logo design annual Wolda’s 2008 award for Best of Europe category.

martin newcombe logo mark
Martin Newcombe Property Maintenance.

guild of food writers logo mark
The Guild of Food Writers. This has always been one of my favourite marks, simple and very clever.

apple logo mark
The ubiquitous Apple logo design, it seems just about everyone in existence has an I-something now-a-days.

egg in spoon logo mark
Egg in Spoon.

elettro domestici logo mark
Elettro Domestici. ED’s logo design is a great use of negative space, a simple power plug used to create both the companies initials. A great monogram.

fashion centre logo mark
Fashion Centre.

horror films logo mark
Horror Films.

the mill logo mark
Logo design for The Mill. A great, simple mark using only solid bars.

wwf logo mark
The Word Wildlife Fund, one of the world’s largest independent conservation organizations and most recognizable logo designs.

How about you?

Do we share any favourites? Which other graphic logos do you love?

5 thoughtful comments on “Favourite graphic logos”

  1. Josiah Jost says:

    Excellent choices, Andrew. Martin Newcombe Property Maintenance and the The Guild of Food Writers have been a favourites of mine as well. I really appreciate conceptual designs that work so well in b&w.
    Thank you for including my horror films icon. It’s definitely an honor.


  2. Fabian says:

    Great call on those Andrew, my personal favourites are Martin Newcombe Property Maintenance and Sancti Spiritus Wines.

  3. Sarah says:

    Hi Andrew,

    What brand is the filled in “logo” for in your first image here? I’ve seen it around but never come across where it’s from.

    Thanks, Sarah.

  4. Andrew Keir says:

    Josiah, thank you for designing it. I like it a lot.

    Sarah, the “logo” mark is from the cover of the book “logo” by Michael Evamy.

  5. Alex C says:

    I love the Sancti Spiritus Wines logo, I can see why it’s a favourite.

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