How graphic designers find a wife

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graphic designer wife

Twitter and tattoos. A fool-proof method for sure.

19 thoughtful comments on “How graphic designers find a wife”

  1. Hey Andrew, love your website, great question! I found my wife on the internet, fortunately she turned out to be real and not an avatar.

  2. Kerry-Ann Wong says:

    You want one? I am single, lol.

  3. Thomas Mack says:

    Clever :)

  4. YuShan Chang says:

    Act normal to start with, then back to “graphic designer” after you sign the paper.

  5. Andrew Keir says:

    That’s always a plus.

    I’m flattered, but I think my partner might have some objections to that.

    That might be a long time to hide all your ‘crazy’.

  6. Cari says:

    Clever! I had to read it twice, but it is late here…

  7. Carla Kestner says:

    Great to laugh out loud at 7:30 on a Wednesday morning!

  8. Bob Grayson says:

    Tell her you are a surgeon or a garbage collector but for crying out loud, don’t let her know you are a graphic designer :)

    That should bide you some time until true love sets in!

    Worked for me… 29 years ago and six kids later!

  9. Andrew Keir says:

    I’m 22 years and 6 kids behind you, Bob, so we’ve still got some catching up to do.

  10. …by carefully kerning a relationship?

  11. Yelizaveta says:

    LOL. I’m a Graphic Designer, there is nothing wrong with us ;) But, I would never marry another graphic designer, too much drama & competition. I still want a creative man, so I will probably end up with a musician. Designers & musicians make a good team :)

  12. Julia Wu says:

    I’m Graphic designer and I’m already married. Thank God my husband IS a designer. LOL.

  13. Laura McCormac says:

    My husband is definitely more the IT/Finance/Mathematical sort, which I love. I much prefer that balance, where he has strengths I don’t have and vice versa.

  14. Radostina Dobreva says:

    Yea! I am glad my husband is not a Graphic Designer as well. Who is going to watch the kid, while I am watching the pixels?!

  15. Joao Campos says:

    Rule of thumb: diversify! Stay away from other designers :)

  16. Dars Matias says:

    Yelizaveta, I’m a musician and a graphic designer, you should try me :)

  17. Yelizaveta says:

    Ha ha, you’re funny… I’d rather stay away from other designers, too much drama. Relationships are hard enough as is :)

  18. Wayne O'Quinn says:

    My wife is a nurse manager, thank God someone in the family is making money!

  19. Andrew Keir says:

    There’s no shortage of work for nurses, Wayne, that’s for sure.

    No speculative work or ‘nursing contests’ either. ;)

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